Coronavirus: Face Masks

From Monday patients attending will need to wear a face covering

Please wear a face covering if you visit your GP practice

It is important that when patients have an appointment to visit a GP or nurse that they wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth.


Face coverings can help contain the Coronavirus, especially when social distancing measures cannot be maintained.  This applies when people have to visit a GP or nurse as it will help us protect our staff.

The Government have provided information and guidance on how and when face coverings should be used and this includes a useful guide on how people can make their own covering, please click here for more information  

By following these measures local people can help protect themselves and others as we continue to manage the pandemic in Widnes.

People do not need to wear face coverings where they are:

  • Children under two or primary aged children who cannot use them without assistance
  • People who have problems breathing while wearing a face covering

You will not be allowed access to the surgery and to your appointment with our clinicians by failing to wear a face covering.

Face Covering Requirements 

Published: Jun 10, 2020